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Based on his life, listening and headful of music, Duncan Marshall has published The Ear Is a Hungry Ghost: Life, Listening And A Headful Of Music.


To enhance your reading experience, this website offers images, notes, archive material and a Spotify playlist for each chapter. It's like a big gatefold LP cover, only better.



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 Introduction:  Once In A Lifetime

 0 - It’s All Too Beautiful

 1 - The Sounds Of Earth

 2 - In The Wardrobe Of My Head

 3 - 46 29 50

 4 - Long Live The King

 5 - God Save The Queen

 6 - The Wrong Trousers

 7 - Everybody Loves Aladdin Stardust

 8 - An Anatomy Of Lists

 9 - Discreet Machine Music

10- Everything Is Real

11- The Ear Is A Hungry Ghost





Some Asian religions tell of restless spirits that wander the earth, consumed by cravings they can never satisfy – hungry ghosts.



With this in mind, the German post-rock/electronic trio To Rococo Rot once named an album Music Is A Hungry Ghost.



But this was a mistake because in fact the ear is a hungry ghost, and what it craves is a limitless banquet of sound, speech and, of course, music. 



And that's the reason for this book and website. Because the ear is a hungry ghost.



On offer is a meandering, partisan and incomplete accumulation of evidence drawn from life, listening and a headful of music.



Whether you like music, love music or can’t make your mind up, there’s plenty here to snack on and lots to get your teeth into.



But remember, it's a headful of music, not a head full – because there’s always room for more.



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