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The paradox of Theseus’s ship (featuring Dr Feelgood, Pink Floyd, Yes, UB40, Boney M).


A trip to France, an encounter with a girl and various encounters with Tangerine Dream (also featuring Pink Floyd, Neil Young).


Festivals, classic albums, halls of fame, self-awareness, self-importance (featuring Patti Smith, David Bowie).


Music as solidified sound; the idea of schizophonia (featuring Glenn Gould); authenticity versus schizophonia on the Voyager LP.


Monuments versus middens (featuring 2001, Roadside Picnic); NASA wake-up calls, country music and music in space.


I visit a Beatle-themed visitor attraction in Liverpool: what it was like, and what happened there.


Page 326

...cultural exchange...



The six pairs of English and French students at Jean Michel’s secondary school. I am front row, first left; he is back row, second right. There is also a teacher present. Judy and Evelyn went to a different school.





Page 330

…this kind of thing happens all the time…







Page 337

…Bowie’s greatest triumph surely came when the song ‘Space Oddity’ was played in space by astronaut Chris Hadfield…







Page 338

…a red Tesla Roadster launched into space by Elon Musk’s SpaceX corporation in early 2018…




Photo from space, alongside a Lego cover version/remix/tribute/’hommage’.




Page 340

…into the bowels of the earth…



From Wikipedia:

The concept of an underworld is found in almost every civilization, and ‘may be as old as humanity itself’.

A common feature of underworld myths is the account of a living person making the journey to the underworld, often for some heroic purpose…

The descent to the underworld has been described as ‘the single most important myth for Modernist authors’.






Page 341

…a labyrinth isn’t the same as a maze…




Maze (left) and labyrinth (right).

To find your way through the maze, take GPS technology, or a notepad and plenty of time. To get from A to B and back in the labyrinth, just keep moving.





Page 342

…four Beatles dummies… maybe inspired by Kraftwerk…

















Page 346

…I saw the Cavern…



The rope here is white instead of red, but apart from that it’s all the same.





Page 347

…the Yellow Submarine…



























Exterior and interior.

Overground and underground/underwater.

John Lennon Airport and Albert Dock.





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